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Rebecca Alkana

After serving as a Legal Assistant for attorney Kamela R. Love while she was a solo practitioner at Integrate Legacy Law, Rebecca Alkana now serves as a full-time extern for Driscoll Anderson Reynard while simultaneously completing her third year at Cal Western School of Law. Rebecca is committed to provide legal services that will maximize every client’s estate potential and to help families preserve positive relationships for generations to come.

Rebecca has a long-standing commitment to support people through legal public service avenues. She is currently a member of the CWSL Public Interest Honors Society and previously interned for the Family Law Facilitator’s Office at the San Diego Superior Court, providing legal assistance to those struggling with complex family law issues. During her undergraduate studies at Loyola Marymount University, Rebecca worked as an intern for a business litigation and real estate law firm. She uses her knowledge and experience in these areas to effectively communicate with our clients about ways we can better serve them and the resources available to meet their needs.

She enjoys baking, listening to Brazilian music, and spending time with her two dogs, Piroba and Frankie.